Friday, October 10, 2008

My mom's CVS trip...

I usually give my mom a list of what to buy at CVS, and she runs herself.  On Monday, my Gram was discharged from the hospital after a heart valve replacement and needs around the clock "babysitting."  She is staying at my mom's and so my mom asked me to run to CVS for her.  She has over $20 in ECBs and she had a $5/$25!  I never get these!!!!!  

She bought:
6 tubes MaxFresh $2.99 each = $17.94
CVS Beauty Bar $0.99
32 oz Vitamin Water $2.29
Always Infinity Pads $4.98
Total: $26.20
Used: (6) $1 Maxfresh, $5/25 CRT, $14.79 ECBs, $0.41 cash
Earned: $16.27 ECBs

ECBs spent + cash = $15.20
Profit = $1.07

AND she got another $5/25 CRT!!!!!!!

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