Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at CVS

I don't have receipts handy... but I bought all this in 3 transactions and earned over $10!!!  I walked in with $26.96 in ECBs, paid $0.97 in cash, and walked out with $37.97 in ECBs... for a profit of $10.04!!!!!  A profit AND a crockpot AND all this other stuff...   My  mom went with and actually earned more of a profit than I did.  She also got a crockpot (seen on the floor in the photo), spent a bit more out of pocket ($3 and some change), but had a total profit of over $14!!!  We had a blast!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love a man that does the laundry...

Sam loves to help transfer clothes from the basket to the dryer.  He told me yesterday that as soon as he's big and strong, he will carry the laundry "all the way up the stairs" for me!  I love this boy!!  He is so sweet and caring and helpful!!!


I ran to CVS today because I wanted to get some of the deals that are good now (before Thursday) out of the way.  I wanted the free after ECB contact lens solution but the store I chose to go to was out.  I messed up and didn't have my card with me but hopefully I can get the "mess" figured out with an easy call tomorrow. 

(6) Tylenol Rapid Release 24ct $5.69 B1G1 = $17.07
(2) Maybelline Foundation $8.99 = 17.98
(3) Johnson's Buddies Soap $1.19 = 3.57
(2) Reese's Pieces $0.50 = 1

Total: $39.62
Coupons Used: (6) $2 Tylenol, $3 Maybelline, $2 Maybelline, $3/3 Johnson's, $18.49 ECBs
Total OOP: $0.42
ECBs Earned: $18 for a total of $0.91 for the transaction

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cake Wrecks

If you've never been to this site, you need to check it out.  It's hysterical!!!


I haven't been going to CVS much lately.  I think there were actually two weeks in a row that I didn't go because nothing interested  me.  I did go this week for the great Duracell deal... Buy $20 worth of Duracell and receive $15 in ECBs...  I bought 4 packs for $5.49 each and used 4 $1.50 off Qs from this past Sunday's paper making my total $15.96 and I earned $15 - great deal right before Christmas!!  I also had a $5/30 that I got in email from CVS so I bought other things, I just don't remember what right now.  

I've been discouraged while reading frugal blogs because of the underhanded things people do for a "deal."  CVS has great promos and you can get so much for dirt cheap...  I don't understand the need to lie, manipulate and steal to make the deals even better.  I've deleted most of the blogs I had saved before which unfortunately means I do miss out on some true bargains but oh well.  

CVS has lots of great freebies for Black Friday that actually start on Thanksgiving.  My mom and I plan on going together early Thanksgiving morning.  I have over $25 in ECBs so I shouldn't need to spend much, if any, out of pocket!

Sam's 5th Birthday

My oldest son, Sam turned  on November 12th.  His party was this weekend... here are a few pictures...

Autumn Picture

This picture was taken October 30th, I just forgot to post earlier!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treating

Here are the kids before we left to go trick or treating...  Sophia was an equestrian and she looked awesome in her full get up!  I posted the picture of all 4 of them so you could see her boots too!  The kids had a great time - we walked 2 miles (1 mile to a certain person's house and 1 mile home) and the kids did great with no whining!!!  And the boys didn't even complain that they couldn't eat any of the candy!  The pictures are small but if you click on them, they are full size and look much better!!