Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just got a coupon for $5/30 at CVS... I haven't even been there all week...  I guess I better get a plan worked up!!

New Look

I think I found a layout I like.  I don't love it, but I like it.  :)  It will stick around for awhile. 

Halloween Costumes

I made the youngest 3 kids' costumes this year... something simple and relatively inexpensive.  Legos!!  I'll be sure to post pics of them all dressed up - but here the legos are sitting in the garage where I painted them...  

New Look

I changed my blog layout tonight and I hate it... but I couldn't just change it back so it has to stay for a little while...  I hope to find time soon!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Child Abuse?

This video was sent to me in email today.  I find it disturbing and was cringing and looking away through most of it...  Are you impressed or disgusted?

Field Trip Today

We went to a local apple cider/apple butter making tour today and the kids had a blast!!  It was awesome to watch the apples getting pressed and a huge "apple fall" of juice being squeezed from them!  The kids learned about how apple cider and apple butter are made.  They also learned a little about different kinds of apples.  The tour guide turned on the conveyor belt that went to the second floor and each kid got to drop an apple and watch it travel alllllll the way uppppp!!  The littler kids thought this was the greatest thing ever!!!  We also learned they have no waste after feeding the leftover apples (called pumice) to local cows!

KMart Double Coupons

All this week, Kmart is doing double coupons up to and 
including $2!!  I went and spent a little more than I wanted but realized between things ringing up more than they were marked and a 
few coupons not doubling (that I didn't notice until I got home) that I should have spent about $18-20 less 
than I did.  (I did call and was not in the mood for the manager's attitude and since it's quite a trek to the nearest Kmart, Im just sucking 
it up as a loss!)  Still... I got all this... $227 worth for only $50.63!  The items I put a * next to were free 
or dirt cheap and even though I won't use them, I will put them in my pile to donate or yard sale next year.

6 Kotex Lightdays
2 Kotex Ultra Thin Pads
2 Glade Carpet Odor Stuff*
2 Glade "Febreeze" knockoff*
3 Oust Air Sanitizer*
3 Diego Band Aids
1 Colgate*
7 Gilette Mens Shampoos*
1 Ziploc Gallon Size Bags
6 bags Ricola
6 Packs Ice Cubes Gum
12 Packs White Tic Tacs (my boys can eat these)
1 Tic Tac Chill 
4 Dove Chocolates
2 ten pack Bic Disposable razors*
2 Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Altoids
1 Jergens Lotion
Dove shampoo
Dove conditioner
2 Dove Anti Frizz Spray
2 Palmolive Dishwasher Detergent
Pert Shampoo
3 Ben Gay 
3 Tylenol PM
6 Johnson Buddies Soap*
2 Fun Size Butterfingers 
2 Fun Size Almond Joy
3 Fun Size Peanut M&Ms
3 Fun Size Milky Ways

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Revlon Coupon

Did anyone else get already expired Revlon coupons in their insert a couple weeks ago?  I got a few so I mailed them to Revlon per instruction on  (  My coupons were returned to me yesterday with a note saying that they will scan and will be accepted at retailers.  I am keeping the letter from Revlon with me if I try to use these coupons but CVS cashiers almost always check my expiration dates!!!  

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Redner's $5 Coupon

Redner's called and told me to bring my receipt in and they would give me a $5 coupon because my coupon did not print like it should have on my last visit (read a few posts below - I am irritated!).  I ran in on Friday and they gave me $5 in cash!!  Wahoo!!

Kids with Pumpkins

In the past, we have always painted pumpkins but it makes for a mess once it's time to cook the pumpkins so I decided to try something different this year!  We had a blast cutting out faces from magazines (that came free in the mail!) an gluing them onto our pumpkins!  The lat picture is the pumpkin I made... sitting amongst the torn apart magazines!

CVS Saturday

Today I had to run to an area I don't often run to so that I could pick up some bags of kids' clothes off Freecycle.  I went to a CVS that I rarely go to but they were well stocked (although they were out of Well Patches).  I had a bunch of Colgate coupons but I left them at home!!!  I did have two with me so that helped me reach my $20 (so I could use the $4/20 I got in email).

CVS Vit D $2.99
CVS Beauty Bar $0.99
(2) Colgate $0.99 each = $1.98
(2) Soleil 4 count razor cartridges $5.99 each = $11.98
Always Infinity Pads $4.98
More Mentos $0.79

Total: $22.72
Used: (2) $1 Colgate, (2) $1 Soleil, $2 Infinity Pads, $13.27 in ECBs, $0.44 in cash
$16.97 in ECBs received, profit of $3.26

I don't usually have $/$$ coupons so it was nice to be able to use them and make a profit.  I'm happy spending pennies at CVS!  

CVS Friday

I went to another CVS after I shopped for my mom while I was out running errands Friday night.  I bought 12 tubes of Colgate on sale for $0.99 and a 2 pack of CVS soap for $2.59.  Oh, and a pack of Mentos because the kids were with and I promised if they were good with all of our errands that I'd get them some to share (I should really keep some in the car because I have a huge stash at home of these, but always end up buying more as fillers or because I told the kids I'd get some!).  My total was $15.26.  I used a $3/15 that I got in email, and (12) $1 Colgate coupons.  My total was $0.78 which I paid with cash.  I received $1 in ECBs for a profit of $0.22!  

Friday, October 10, 2008

My mom's CVS trip...

I usually give my mom a list of what to buy at CVS, and she runs herself.  On Monday, my Gram was discharged from the hospital after a heart valve replacement and needs around the clock "babysitting."  She is staying at my mom's and so my mom asked me to run to CVS for her.  She has over $20 in ECBs and she had a $5/$25!  I never get these!!!!!  

She bought:
6 tubes MaxFresh $2.99 each = $17.94
CVS Beauty Bar $0.99
32 oz Vitamin Water $2.29
Always Infinity Pads $4.98
Total: $26.20
Used: (6) $1 Maxfresh, $5/25 CRT, $14.79 ECBs, $0.41 cash
Earned: $16.27 ECBs

ECBs spent + cash = $15.20
Profit = $1.07

AND she got another $5/25 CRT!!!!!!!

My kids like olives...

They really, really, really love olives!!  

I love the first picture...  I'm not sure what's going on, but it looks almost like there are too many hands for two kids?  Sammy's hand is "double exposed" looking!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So I'm irritated...

Last night, we did major grocery shopping at Walmart.  I bought mostly meat and stocked up on some things that I hate running out of.  We spent $198 at Walmart but I did save almost $20 in coupons.  That isn't much when I usually save much more!  Oh well.  Then I ran to Redner's.  I was just going in to get a few things that were great deals so Dave and the kids sat in the car with all the groceries.  We don't have very good stores around here, at least not that have awesome deals/catalina deals like I read about... for the most part, Walmart has the best prices on food.  So, Redner's had a deal "Buy 10 and get $5 off your next order."  Green Giant Steamers with sauce were included and on sale for 2/$.  I also had 10 $1 off coupons... so I'd pay $5 and get $5 off my next order, great deal, right?  There were a few other things that were good deals that I wanted as well...  3 French's worcestershire sauces that I had FREE coupons for, 3 rolls of Marcal toilet paper that I also had FREE coupons for, peeled petite carrots (my kids love these) on sale 2/$3 and Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice on sale 3/$7 and I had (2) $1 off coupons making them just $1.33 each (putting them away for the holidays).  I also grabbed 3 small packages of the antibiotic free chicken breast tenderloins that Walmart was out of (I like to have these for lunch).  So, I gather all my stuff quickly, remember the kids and Dave are in the car, and get to the register.  The Green Giant veggies were not marked 2/$3 but I had the ad in front of me and figured I'd just point it out to the cashier if it rang up at $2.19.  They rang up as $1.50 so I thought I was in the clear.  Wrong!  The $5 off catalina didn't print.  The cashier couldn't figure it out so he calls the supervisor over.  She couldn't figure it out.  She left with my veggies in hand and didn't come back for 5 minutes!  Grr!  I was just standing there thinking how it was now past the kids' bedtime and my husband was now missing the first part of the football game.  Another fifteen minutes later, after lots of talk to the manager, they took my name, address and phone number and said they would contact me about my $5 coupon.  Why does couponing have to be so much work!?  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

CVS Price Scanner

So, I finally noticed that two of the stores I go to on occasion have price scanners.  They look exactly like the ones that spit coupons out, they even have the slot on the side for the coupons!  When I scan my card, it says "not on file!"  How stinky!!!  I wonder if eventually they will print coupons?  I know for a fact that the one store did not have this price scanner when I started CVSing in June... so it's definitely new, but why doesn't it shoot out coupons?  Does anyone know the answer!?

CVS Sunday

Dave and Sophia went to a father/child mini golf tournament today with Youth Group.  And they won!!  :)  The little guys and I went to CVS before heading home from church.  I don't often go to this CVS but I haven't ever had problems at this store, I prefer it over the one closest to me.  I bought all of this on one transaction, I'd LOVE to see a $/$$ coupon but my mom seems to get them all, not me!!  :P

(2) True North Nuts $3.49 each = $6.98 total
Always Infinity Pads $4.98
Vitamin Water $2.29
(2) Colgate Maxfresh on clearance for $0.82 = $1.64 total
(7) Colgate Maxfresh (tube) on clearance for $0.75 = $5.25 total
(10) Colgate $0.99 each = $9.90 total
(10)18-pack hair ties on clearance for $0.19 = $1.90 total
(2) Tic Tacs $0.99 each = $1.98 total
Roll of Mentos for the kids $0.79

$35,71 total
Used: (2) $1 True North, (10) $1 Colgate, (9) $1 Colgate Maxfresh (I got overage on the clearance toothpaste), $14.50 in ECBs, $0.21 cash
I earned $13.27 in ECBs ($4 Nuts, $2 Colgate, $4.98 Always, $2.29 Vitamin Water) so my total spent/lost is $1.44...  my receipt says "Today you saved $88.71"  Not bad!!  

CVS Saturday

Ok, I was kind of irritated with myself for going to the CVS that I always have a problem with...  it's my own fault for continuing to return!!  Maybe I should call to complain?  They act like I'm a horrible person for using coupons and they are not in the least bit friendly!!  

So, anyway, I had a bunch of $2 off Schick Disposable Razor coupons that expired yesterday so I wanted to use them up.  Every other time that I have used this coupon at CVS, I have been told to buy 2 (at 99 cents each) per $2 coupon.  So, I had 16 in my cart, and 8 coupons out.  The cashier tells me that I can only use one per pack.  I tell her about my past experiences, she calls a manager, the manager rolls her eyes at me and says "I've never heard of that, it says ONE razor."  Actually, it doesn't, but whatever.  The manager tells me I can only use one coupon per pack and they will mark it down to 99 cents.  So I said "ok, well I have more" and pull 7 more coupons out of  my purse.  They both just stared at me, then the manager walked away.  So I had 16 in my cart and only 15 coupons and I didn't think to have her take the last one off so I ended up paying for it.  I also realized after I got to the car that my Dawn coupon never scanned so I actually spent $1.98 more than I should have!  Ugh!  Anyway, here's the break down:

Dawn Hand Renewal $0.99
(3) Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste $2.99 each = $8.97 total
(15) Schick Disposable Razor $0.99 each = $15.84 total
 Total: $25.80
Used: (15) $0.99 Schick, (3) $1 Colgate Maxfresh (and my $1 Dawn that wasn't scanned!!), $7.79 in ECBs, $0.16 in cash
Earned $6 in ECBs, so my total was $1.95 between ECBs lost and cash spent.  Still not bad, but my final total should have been $5.96 so I would have used my $6 ECBs, no cash and gotten $6 ECBs back!  Oh well.

Harvest Picnic

Our annual Harvest Picnic at church was Friday...  the kids had a blast, as always!  There are carnival type games set up for the kids to play and win tickets.  Each ticket can be redeemed for a piece of candy.  There was also face painting, cotton candy, and each kid got to decorate their own bag to fill with all the candy they won!  One of the games was a ring toss game where the goal is to ring an old glass bottle.  Instead of winning a ticket to redeem for candy, you win a can of soda.  We don't drink soda, and we don't let our kids drink soda (except for very rare occasions) but we came home with 18 cans!  We put them in our garage fridge for when people who drink soda come to visit.  There was also a candy guessing contest and I guessed the correct number and won a jar full of Hershey's miniatures and kisses (171 pieces to be exact!)!  This will last us until next Harvest picnic...  hehe!  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mail Freebies

Here are some freebies I got in the mail this week...

All You October Issue
Dove Shine Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Sample
Dove Pro Age Body Lotion 1 oz Sample
Clean & Clear Moisturizer 0.5 oz Sample
Neutrogena Face Wash  0.5 oz Sample
Wet lubricant (2) Samples and $1 Coupon
P&G Coupons for October (why did they get mailed to me!?)
Macaroni Grill "Dinner in a Box" plus 10 $1.25 Coupons!
(2) EPT Certainty Digital Pregnancy Tests!  These were a gift from a friend of mine!!  Thank you!!!  xoxoxo

Bella and Sam

Earlier today, I allowed Isabella to take my camera and "make videos" because she really enjoys doing so.  Isabella is my 6 year old.  She is quiet, intelligent and easily annoyed with "childish" things.  Sam is my 4 year old son.  He is an instigator, he thrives on doing the opposite of what people ask of him.  This video captures their two personalities exactly.  I sat and watched this video over and over again this afternoon, just laughing hysterically at how my husband and I created such different beings!  (Yes, he is eating a GIANT dye-free organic lollipop!)  (And yes, he is missing his front two teeth!  He fell at 2 and had to have them pulled.  He had two fake front teeth cemented to his back molars for almost a year when he broke those as well... so now he shall remain toothless!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boys Camping Trip

My husband took the boys on a father/son camping trip with a group of men from our church this past weekend.  Dave said the boys were real troopers on the hike (that he guesstimates at 3 miles) on rough terrain to look at waterfalls.  There were some issues with food, which was expected due to the boys' allergies.  I was impressed with Dave that he didn't eat in front of the boys, he waited with them while everyone else ate, and then enjoyed pb&j sandwiches with his sons back at the cabin.  Those little things make me love him so much!  (The last picture is Roman on the last leg of the hike!)

CVS Trip

I ran to CVS last night...  I had Isabella with me and she wanted Tic Tacs.  I only had $4 in ECBs, I'm not sure how that happened, but that's all I had!  

Colgate Toothpaste $2.50
Colgate Toothbrush $2.50
Gilette Fusion Razor $9.99
Covergirl Foundation $5.49
Covergirl 4 color Eye Makeup $5.49
(10) 2-pack Disposable Razors $0.99 each = $9.90
Isabella's Tic Tacs $0.99

Total: $36.86
Coupons Used: $1 Covergirl, B1G1 Covergirl (-$5.49), $1 Colgate toothbrush, $1.50 Colgate Toothbrush CRT, $1 Colgate Toothpaste, (5) $2 Schick Disposable Razor (last one adjusted to $1.90), $4 Gilette Razor, $4 ECBs

Total: $9.30  I paid with cash and received $12.79 in ECBs

ECBs+cash spent = $13.30
ECBs earned = $12.79
For a total of $0.51