Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KMart Double Coupons

All this week, Kmart is doing double coupons up to and 
including $2!!  I went and spent a little more than I wanted but realized between things ringing up more than they were marked and a 
few coupons not doubling (that I didn't notice until I got home) that I should have spent about $18-20 less 
than I did.  (I did call and was not in the mood for the manager's attitude and since it's quite a trek to the nearest Kmart, Im just sucking 
it up as a loss!)  Still... I got all this... $227 worth for only $50.63!  The items I put a * next to were free 
or dirt cheap and even though I won't use them, I will put them in my pile to donate or yard sale next year.

6 Kotex Lightdays
2 Kotex Ultra Thin Pads
2 Glade Carpet Odor Stuff*
2 Glade "Febreeze" knockoff*
3 Oust Air Sanitizer*
3 Diego Band Aids
1 Colgate*
7 Gilette Mens Shampoos*
1 Ziploc Gallon Size Bags
6 bags Ricola
6 Packs Ice Cubes Gum
12 Packs White Tic Tacs (my boys can eat these)
1 Tic Tac Chill 
4 Dove Chocolates
2 ten pack Bic Disposable razors*
2 Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Altoids
1 Jergens Lotion
Dove shampoo
Dove conditioner
2 Dove Anti Frizz Spray
2 Palmolive Dishwasher Detergent
Pert Shampoo
3 Ben Gay 
3 Tylenol PM
6 Johnson Buddies Soap*
2 Fun Size Butterfingers 
2 Fun Size Almond Joy
3 Fun Size Peanut M&Ms
3 Fun Size Milky Ways

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